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Start: 1500William Godyll
Start: 1509Tyndale 'Bible'
Start: 1525The Original Building
Start: 1575The Authorised King James Bible
Start: 1604\End: 1611The congregation first met in Cookley
Start: 1649List of Ministers
Start: 1649Execution of Charles 1st
Start: 1649The Restoration
Start: 1660The Book of Common Prayer
Start: 1662Act of Uniformity
Start: 1665Will of John Strowger
Start: 1686The Chapel + an acre of land leased from Southwold Corporation
Start: 1689Baptisms
Start: 1706\End: 17 Jun 1706The Act of Toleration
Start: 1710Will of Samuel Manning
Start: 1710Sale of Southwold Corporation Farm
Start: 18391871 Census in Walpole
Start: 1871Some heating in the Chapel at last!
Start: 1910\End: 1910Trustees buy out the last Scrivener rights
Start: 1934The Tercentenary Pageant
Start: 1947Properties owned are "..more of a liability than an asset.."
Start: 1954Sale of three out of five properties
Start: 1955Trusteeship passed to Suffolk Congregational Union
Start: 1958Trustees' Last Meeting
Start: 1970An Uncertain Future
Start: 1970\End: 1994Old Chapel passed into care of the Historic Chapels Trust
Start: 2000Renovations!
Start: 2000Walpole Old Chapel today
Start: 2012\End: 20 Dec 2012