Walpole Old ChapelRead this First 
Welcome to the Walpole Old Chapel timeline. This is being developed to provide access to some of the chapel's records that would otherwise not be readily available to members of the public.

The records have been arranged along a timeline. Most of the 'flags' you will see on the timeline are events which happened at particular dates, or time periods. We have organised the records into three categories of event:
(a)  White text on green flags: things which happened to or in the chapel during its history - changes in ownership, building alterations etc
(b)  Black text on light blue flags: national events, particularly in the development of non-conformism, which provide a context for what's happening in/to   the chapel in any period
(c)  White text on purple flags: the people in the chapel story - ministers, trustees, tenants etc

Most of the event flags on the timeline have links to associated records. These can be of several types:
(a)  Notes - text that expands in a few sentences on the flag's title
(b)  Photographs (of original records, for example, or people in the Chapel story).
(c)  Links to other online content.